What Readers Can Expect At Story Con!


Story Con is designed for readers.

This year we are being hosted at the Vancouver Community Library in downtown Vancouver, WA. If you haven’t been there. It’s a great space with great design aspects and good places to read or study. It also has three rooms that we will be able to use.

Story Con is all about helping readers get a chance to interact with quality authors who have great books available to read. At Story Con you can expect to find authors doing readings from their work. You can also find great panel discussions on topics related to genres such as romance, fantasy, and contemporary fiction.

If all goes well you will also have a chance to purchase their books on site and get a copy signed.

What you will not find at Story Con are writers sitting around talking about the intricacies of their I-pod playlist, whether they find it more enjoyable to write with the window open or closed, or whether they are a “pantser” or a “plotter.” (Its an industry thing. Don’t worry about it.)

We want our writers to save their networking and shoptalk for the pub. This convention is for you and we hope you enjoy it.

If you have any ideas about what you might want to see drop us a line at erikwecks@gmail.com.

 photo credit: aurelio.asiain via photopin cc