What a Great Story Con Panel Looks Like


Story Con is dedicated to helping the reader find their next great book. The job of the panel at Story Con is to expose the reader to new books and great authors.

  • A great Story Con Panel won’t focus much on the writer’s process.
  • It will focus on presenting a great conversation about books written by the panelists.
  • It won’t talk about what’s on the writer’s iPod.
  • It could talk about how music is important to the plot of a novel.
  • It won’t talk about why self-publishing is better (or worse).
  • It could talk about how readers can sort through the books on Amazon to find the truly great ones.
  • It could be topical or a survey of a genre.
  • It could be an interview of one substantial author.
  • Or it could be a conversation between several authors.
  • Whatever it does, it will showcase at least one book written by each author on the panel allowing the reader to get an idea of its content or themes.

For example here are two panels facilitated by Erik Wecks at the Wizard World Comic Con this past Winter.

Speed Dating with Speculative Fiction Authors:
Need a new book to read? Are you tired of looking for the needle in a haystack of drivel? Here’s your chance to hear an elevator pitch and a short reading by local fantasy and science fiction authors. Ask questions, find a great read, and purchase the books you want on the spot.

Does the Sci in Science Fiction Matter?
Why is it everyone loves Star Wars, but comparatively few will read a science fiction book? Lovers and haters, gather with three local science fiction authors to discuss what works and what doesn’t, and tell us what would make science fiction sing.

Story Con welcomes panel submissions by both traditionally published and independently published authors of all fiction genres. Panels will be selected for how closely they follow the criteria above and for their ability to attract an audience. Authors with few fans should seek to find other authors who will be able to draw readers to the con. You can propose a panel here.

Panel submissions are open from June 3 to June 30th.

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