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I Read YA: Why Young Adult Themes and Stories are For Everyone

10:30am, Klickitat room. According to a recent Nielsen poll, adults— as in, people age 18 or older — now account for nearly 80 percent of sales of young adult fiction, and they aren’t just buying books for younger readers. They’re reading them. What is the universal appeal of YA fiction? What makes it such a great genre to translate to film? What are the current trends in YA and what might be just around the corner? If you love to read YA and aren’t ashamed to shout it from the rooftops, come join this discussion on all things young adult.

The Rise of the Machines: AI in Science Fiction

12:30pm, Columbia room. It’s a common trope in science fiction, AIs suddenly become conscious and take over the world. It makes for fantastic stories, but is that really even possible? Come debate future scenarios with three Science Fiction authors with three different points of view and hear how they have incorporated AI in their books. –This panel optimized by ELOPe

Where to Find Great Flash Fiction Online

12:30pm, Klickitat room. Do you have five minutes to spare? Then you can read a complete “flash fiction” story! Learn about free websites and podcasts which specialize in very short stories–typically under 1,000 words. With flash fiction, it only takes a little bit of time to enjoy a great tale. Curtis C. Chen is the author of THURSDAY’S CHILDREN: FLASH FICTION FROM 512 WORDS OR FEWER. His short fiction has appeared in Leading Edge magazine and is forthcoming at Daily Science Fiction and SNAFU, a military horror anthology.

On the Shoulders of Giants

2:30pm, Columbia room. Every author starts off as a reader, someone who fell so in love with a story that they became inspired to write their own. At this informal panel, several local authors will share their favorite recommended works of fiction, both well-recognized classics, and more obscure gems you may not have heard about.

The Paranormal as Metaphor

1:30pm, Klickitat room. Your English teacher probably inundated you with all the deeply embedded hoity-toity symbolism in literary fiction. The classics are full of it. And I mean, full of it! But what about paranormal fiction? What symbolism is hidden in the stuff we read every day for fun and entertainment? If the Martians in the movie War of the Worlds were Russians, what are today’s werewolves and vampires? What is the paranormal genre really about?

Game of Tomes: Binge Reading and the Rise of Series

11:30am, Klickitat room. Admit it. When you finish reading a book you love, you want another one, and another. Fiction is addictive that way. It calls you to immerse yourself in that world with those characters again and again and again. Come join us for a lively discussion of your favorite series in various genres, including such questions as, Is the stand alone novel dead? What was the first fiction series ever written? When is a series too long? Cliff-hangers, love them or hate them? What happens when an author dies before a series is finished? What’s the difference between a series and a serial?

All Superheroes Must Die!

11:30am, Skamania room. Super is as Super does. One person’s hero is another person’s villain. Come hear about two different books which take a non-standard approach to the superhero genre.

Hell on Heels: Embracing the femininity of the strong female lead and celebrating the beauty of horror

2:30pm, Klickitat room. Being feminine is not a sign of weakness even though many people think so. When people hear the world strong they think of strength but the bulk of a woman’s strength isn’t physical and the charms Mother Natural allotted to women can be, if not, more dangerous than any weapon that a man can make. Heroes and villains who are traditionally feminine and why we love them.

Crime Fiction: The Non-Genre Genre

1:30pm, Skamania room. There has never been a bigger catch-all category in the bookstore than “Mystery.” Even if one expands that to include Thrillers and Suspense, there are still a number of writers included in this category who never wrote a mystery. Historically, authors like Patricia Highsmith, James M. Cain, and more recently Daniel Woodrell would best be categorized by a broader term, “crime fiction.” Authors that write about crime, criminals, and that world, without the genre conventions of a “mystery.” Anthony Award-winning author Johnny Shaw discusses the rise of the modern crime novel with Scottish author Barry Graham and writer/publisher J. David Osborne.

They Love Me They Love Me Not

3:30pm, Skamania room. Every book in the universe has been loved by someone and hated by someone else. The most beloved books of all times have received scathing, extremely harsh reviews by critics and readers alike. The truth is every reader is entitled to their opinion, and it is unprofessional and ill-advised for an author to ever respond to a bad review. But if famous celebrities can read their awful tweets on television, then authors might just get some catharsis reading their best and worst book reviews ever to a sympathetic audience. Come join the authors of StoryCon as we read away our woes, presenting you with the most irreconcilable responses to our work. No commentary. No response. Just read ’em and weep. Or laugh. Either way, it should be very entertaining.

The Wicked West: Writing Mystery and Suspense in the Pacific Northwest

10:30am, Columbia room. What makes the Pacific Northwest a prime location for crime writing? Could it be our dreary winter skies? Maybe it’s our rugged coastlines, eerie forests, and expansive wild land. Could it be our rich history that’s full of local lore and legends? Maybe it’s our quirky characters from Wobblies to Portlandia to Kurt Cobain. Or is it just because we all have to drink copious amounts of coffee to survive the soggy season? Come join three suspense and mystery writers who have centered their stories here as they discuss writing the wicked west.

The Broad Universe

3:30pm, Klickitat room. Join members of Broad Universe, an organization promoting women in science fiction, fantasy and horror, for an hour of short readings from a variety of authors.

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